Online UK Degree Programme

Online Programmes at a glance

We offer Workshops, Certificate and Diploma programmes and Bachelors’ and MBA Degrees that meet the career and academic needs of people at different stages in their career. Disciplines include General Business Management, Human Resource Management, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Oil & Gas Management, Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, Event Management, Marketing, Journalism & Media Studies, Travel, Allied Health and Hospital & Health Services Management. 

Our accredited programmes carry high industry respect, are globally transportable and our school environment is safe and comfortable. We are continuously exploring opportunities to improve and expand our services to our students, just as we continuously review our curriculum to keep pace with industry developments and demands.

So is there a programme that’s right for you?

Whether you are searching for a course to start your career or you are a mature working professional looking to advance your career or start or grow a business, we have options for you. Enter at a level that suits your prior qualifications or work experience, that range from open entry programmes (no formal qualifications required) to courses that require CSEC, CAPE, a Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree. Categories from which to choose:

  • General Short Courses meet ongoing professional development needs and include Supervisory Management, Event Management, Conversational Spanish, Business Essentials, Digital Marketing, Computer Literacy for the Workplace, Employability Skills etc.
  • Certificate Courses for Entry Level Jobs are ideal for secondary school graduates and others who need work-ready skills. These courses prepare you for jobs such as Administrative Assistants, Geriatric Caregivers, Travel Agents and Airline Reservations Agents, Flight Attendants, Medical Receptionists and more.
  • Corporate Training Courses include standard ones and we can also tailor others to suit specific needs. These can be done at our institution or we come to you.
  • Diplomas are UK-accredited and give students a good grounding in international business skills and also provide opportunities to progress easily to a Bachelor’s Degree or MBA. Choose from General Business, Marketing, HR Management and Journalism & Media Studies.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration Degrees are accredited by the University of Hertfordshire and combine online learning with face to face classes. A very convenient degree that gives students flexibility and the opportunity to earn a UK degree without the high cost of studying abroad.
  • Master of Business Administration Degrees are accredited by the University of Bedfordshire. Choose from General Business Management, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Marketing Management, HR Management, Oil & Gas Management and Hospital & Health Services Management.

Our Way

We promise to make education affordable, accessible and convenient, support you to graduation, and to uphold the integrity and quality of your academic experience.

We supplement the formal qualifications by embedding our school’s business values into the student experience, and encourage students to embrace these values. We hope that this will set our graduates apart in the work environment.

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