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ABE Business Management & Human Resource Management

The effective management of an organisation’s human resources is now recognised as a critical component in the success of public and private enterprises. In practice, HR is responsible for employee experience during the entire employment lifecycle.

This recognition has led to a demand for trained and qualified HR professionals and the development of a career structure rising to the highest levels of the organisation.

The Human Resource Management programme introduces you to the academic disciplines that underlie the effective management of the human resource and proceeds to explore the theory, practice and strategy of human resource management.

To aid you in your studying of the Business Management and Human Resource programme, ABE has developed a series of Study Guides. These guides cover all the learning outcomes of the respective syllabuses and are essential reading for all Business Management and Human Resource students. .

The positions below are examples of jobs currently held by ABE Human Resource Management qualification holders. The list is not exhaustive as ABE qualifications are applicable to a wide range of vocations.

  • Level 4 Foundation Diploma in Business and Human Resource Management – working in a Personnel or HR Department
  • Level 5 Diploma in Business and Human Resource Management – Assistant Personnel Manager or Assistant HR Manager
  • Level 6 Diploma in Business and Human Resource Management – Personnel Manager or HR Manager
View below for more information on these Diplomas
Level 4 All Compulsory units
  • Employability & Self-development
  • Finance for Managers
  • Enterprising Organisations
  • Dynamic Business environments
Level 5 Compulsory units
  • Innovation & Business Performance
  • Effective Financial Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Managing Agile & Organisations &people
  • International Business Economics & Markets
  • Human Resource Management
Level 6 Compulsory units
  • Business Ethics and Sustainability
  • Leading strategic Change
  • Business Strategy and Decision Making
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Organisational Design Development and Performance
  • Developing International Markets
Level ABE Entry Requirement
Foundation Diploma Level 4 in Business Management & Human Resource There are no formal entry requirements as ABE hasopen entry for this level.  However, we recommend that persons who have no work experience should have 4 CXC CSEC passes including English.   Applicants with at least two years’ relevant work experience will be eligible to apply.  
Diploma 5 in Business Management & Human Resource ABE Certificate Level or Diploma Level 4 (at least 3 modules passed) OR Two 'A' Level passes OR At least 2 years work experience. A reference letter from employer(s) must accompany such applications OR Qualifications which may be accepted by ABE as being equivalent to the above
Diploma 6 in Business Management& Human Resource Students must successfully complete 6 modules in order to be awarded the Diploma.   Entry Requirements: Applicants should have achieved the ABE Diploma 5 or an Associate Degree or a suitable combination of qualifications and work experience.  
Level Core/ Optional Module January Semester July Semester September Semester
Saturdays Evenings Saturdays Evenings Evenings
Foundation Diploma 4 Core Employability & Self Development   Yes Yes   Yes
Core Dynamic Business Environments   Yes Yes   Yes
Core Finance for Managers Yes     Yes Yes
Core Enterprising Organisations Yes     Yes Yes
Diploma 5 Core Innovation & Business Performance   Yes Yes    
Core Effective Financial Management   Yes Yes    
Optional Employee Engagement   Yes      
Core Managing Agile Organisations & People Yes     Yes  
Core International Business Economics & Markets Yes     Yes  
Optional Human Resource Management       Yes  
Diploma 6 Core Business Ethics and Sustainability   Yes      
Core Leading Strategic Change   Yes      
Core Business Strategy and Decision Making Yes        
Optional Strategic Human Resource Management       Yes  
Optional Organisational Design Development and Performance       Yes  
Core Developing International Markets          

DISCLAIMER: SITAL College of Tertiary Education Ltd. reserves the right to make changes to the schedule without notice.

Level Registration Fee Examination Fee
Foundation Diploma Level 4 A new student: £45 Annual Subscription Fee: £38.50 Per exam fee: £45 Total Exam Fee: £180 (4 modules)
Diploma Level 5 A new student: £60 Annual Subscription Fee: £38.50 Per exam fee: £60 Total Exam Fee: £360 (6 modules)
Diploma Level 6 A new student: £75 Annual Subscription Fee: £38.50 Per exam fee: £60 Total Exam Fee: £300 (5 modules)