Welcome Remarks

Message from the Executive Director

Our success is reflected in graduates who have earned their qualifications through personal effort, and who are influenced by a school culture that encourages integrity, good leadership and teamwork.

SITAL College is a trusted Higher Education Institution dedicated to improving the career prospects and lives of our students. Our goal is to help them stand out as they navigate and lead in today’s challenging business and professional environments.

Anyone who wants to access tertiary education should be given the opportunity to do so. Our selected curriculum allows seamless progression from one programme to the next, thus providing options for many working students; and second chances to those for whom accessing tertiary education may have previously been unattainable. We are continuously looking for ways to make education affordable, accessible and convenient; and for opportunities to expand our curriculum to meet the changing social and industry needs.

Having identified many of the gaps that exist between employer expectations and employee readiness, we understand what is needed to better prepare our students to meet the demands of the corporate world. We pay close attention to what employers, employees and researchers are saying, and realise that, apart from offering good qualifications, we must encourage certain personal traits in our students that allow them to contribute toward a capable, effective workforce.

I invite you to learn more about us and how we can support your career aspirations and education goals.

Thank you for your interest in studying with us and I look forward to welcoming you to SITAL College.

Ann-Marina White MSc BSc Dip Ed
Executive Director