Message from the Executive Director

Dear Prospective Students,

SITAL College is a higher education provider dedicated to improving the career prospects and lives of students. We want our graduates to stand out in the workplace as they navigate and lead in today’s challenging business and professional environments.

Having identified many of the gaps that exist between employer expectations and employee readiness, we understand what is needed to better prepare our students to meet demands of the corporate world. Over the years, we had been paying close attention to what employers, employees and researchers have said, and realised that we needed to encourage certain attributes in our students in order to deliver a more capable, effective and efficient professional to the workforce.

We share these attributes with our students and staff, and actively promote school experiences that encourage these attributes. Coupled with a school culture that revolves around core values of integrity, loyalty and teamwork, it is our hope that our students will graduate with a better appreciation of these values. Facilitating these attributes is central to our purpose at SITAL College.

We believe that anyone who wants to access tertiary education is given an opportunity to do so. Our programmes allow seamless progression from one academic level to the next, thus giving second chances to many working students and those for whom accessing tertiary education may have been somewhat challenging. Our staff is committed to our efforts, and our lecturers are particularly cued into our expectations in this regard. The mix of students lends to an enriching experience, with a cross section ranging from medical doctors pursuing their MBAs to recent high school graduates starting off with a short course.

Our experience allows us to lend excellent support required of both full and part time students, who each have different types of challenges.  We recognise the importance of providing a personalised education experience and work to maintain smaller class sizes, and often split classes when student numbers exceed a certain level.

I invite you to learn more about us, how you can fit in comfortably into our environment and how we can support your aspirations to succeed academically.

I thank you for your interest in studying with us and look forward to welcoming you to SITAL College.

With best wishes

Ann-Marina White, Executive Director