Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management Online
You can qualify with this well-respected, fully-accredited Bachelor's Degree from the University of Hertfordshire (UK) in just 3 years after CSEC and in 2 years after CAPE. This programme is designed for students who wish to study Business Administration in an online, flexible mode with UH online support combined with traditional face to face teaching at SITAL College (just one day a week). It offers students an opportunity to develop and enhance their e-skills at the same time they complete their academic qualification. Graduates of this business programme are equipped for the demands of a career in general management.

About the University of Hertfordshire

The University of Hertfordshire is an ambitious and entrepreneurial University. It offers excellence in teaching, learning and research and puts students at the heart of its activities. It is a model of a 21st century University - international, business-facing and business-like in its approach making it distinctive in an ever changing higher education environment.

It has been ranked in the top 2.1% of degree-granting institutions of higher education by the Center for World University Rankings (CWUR), which is the largest academic ranking of global universities. UH aims to promote the employability of its graduates in order that they can thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. It achieves this through a blend of academic study, intercultural awareness and employability /enterprise skills development.

SITAL is committed to delivering the Degree to the exacting standards of the University, and we welcome their rigorous quality assurance which ensures this is achieved.

Distinctive features of this BA Hons online programme include

· No formal examinations

· All materials delivered through online ’Supported Distance Learning’ including e-books

· Students will normally study 8 modules per year

· Students receive UH online support and classes with local tutor at SITAL College

You can progress to this degree if you have work experience, CAPE, CSEC or a Diploma or Associate Degree. Students can start at year 1 or year 3 depending on their prior qualifications and experience.

Year 1

Students must have 2 CAPE double units plus 5 CSEC passes including English A and Mathematics at grades III and above.

Year 3 – Final Year Direct Entry Requirements

Applicants must meet at least one of the listed criteria:

  • The ABE Level 5 (RQF) or The ABE Level 6 (QCF) or Extended Diploma in Business and Management OR
  • Higher National Diploma with a Merit Profile OR
  • Associate Degree from a Higher Educational Institution approved by a relevant national body and offering progression to the final year of a Bachelor’s degree programme.

If you're coming in with work experience, CSEC or an incomplete Degree, we will advise on the most economical route so that you can achieve your degree and save time and money.

There are 8 modules per year done over 3 semesters - January, May and September. We accept students every semester, and you can choose how many modules you wish to study in any given semester. This allows you to move at a pace you can afford.


You will achieve a UK Degree at a fraction of the cost of studying abroad. We make it even more affordable by allowing students to pay in monthly installments. We can also arrange a special schedule to accommodate students who are unable to pay the stipulated monthly fee, and this allows you to pay less per month.

There are 8 modules per semester, and the cost is TT$2500 per module. You can choose to do from 1 to 3 modules in any given semester.

Documents required to Apply

It's a simple process, and we will guide you through. Documents required:

· Completed application form (sent upon request)

· Academic transcripts of any past qualifications

· Evidence of English Language Qualifications

· Personal statement - we will provide guidance

· References

· Résumé

Why Choose to Pursue this Degree at SITAL College

Our staff and lecturers deliver to high quality standards and this allows us to maintain good pass rates. We prepare our tutors through ongoing professional development and students are supported by an exceptional academic team. Whether you are working and wish to study part time, or you intend to dedicate fully to your studies, we understand the support you need, and we provide it to you.

It is our promise to make education affordable, accessible and convenient, and to ensure that students receive personalised advice and support as needed. We are respected for upholding the integrity of the academic process, so you can rest assured that you are receiving what the University requires us to deliver. You will earn a UK degree without the high overseas cost, at a private institution that puts the student experience at the top of our priorities.

We invite you to speak with one of our friendly and experienced Course Advisors for additional information and to guide you through the application process.

Year 1 The Business Professional (Part 1) The Business Professional (Part 2) Accounting for Business Principles of Marketing Quantitative Methods for Business and Management Global Perspectives in Business Economics for Business People Resourcing

Year 2

Principles of Operations Management


Enhancing Employability

Exploring Business Ethics

Project Planning and Control

Cross Cultural Management

Analysing Financial Information

Marketing Planning

Year 3

Business Strategy

The module will focus on the many conflicting perspectives within the subject of Business Strategy and consider the problems involved in researching and developing strategies and plans and implementing them within the limitations of the organisation. It considers a range of analytical techniques and concepts both applying them and critically evaluating their usefulness through the use of case study work.

Business and Commercial Awareness

The module will consolidate functional business knowledge and provide students with an opportunity to integrate theories and gain experience in a simulated business environment. Students will be encouraged to reflect upon that experience in preparation for their future business careers.

Global Marketing, Ethics and Culture

This module develops students’ sound theoretical and practical understanding of global marketing, intercultural environment, ethics and values. The application of these theories will then be actualised by students in creating opportunities and solving problems in given global marketing situations.

International Human Resource Management

The module provides contemporary, applied and critical insights into the management of people across borders and in multinational corporations (MNCs). The HR implications of managing international assignments are investigated, and in-depth exposition provided of HR contexts and features in major global regions.

Leadership and Organisations

This module explores leadership and management within the context of the business organisation, complementing the knowledge and understanding of strategic issues developed through studies. It examines the development of leadership and management theory as well as discussing contemporary applications of theoretical approaches. Leadership styles and models are analysed, including their impact on follower performance.

Issues in the Global Economy

The aims of the module are to develop an understanding of the key economic issues emerged in the process of globalisation and explore competing approaches which seek to explain changes in the global economy

Digital Economy

The aim of this module is to enable students to critically appraise digital economy solutions within the panoply of business strategies. Further, it will introduce students on the appropriate digital economy solutions within a company’s strategic objectives; effective digital economy solutions, in a company context, in order to enable the selection of an appropriate digital economy solution; and the contribution digital economy makes through the whole business cycle.

Contemporary Issues in Business and Management

The aims of this module are to enable students to gain a critical insight into a range of contemporary business issues whilst providing a forum for discussion, reflection & examination. In addition, the module will provide an opportunity for students to complete a substantial piece of individual research on contemporary issues in the business industry.

Class Schedules 26th January 2019 25th May 2019 21st September 2019