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Welcome to our website

Most of our students pursue tertiary studies to increase their earning potential and advance their careers. To meet their needs, we offer programmes in leadership, entrepreneurship, management, and administration in a variety of disciplines.

Our student population is diverse and includes experienced professionals and business owners, aspiring professionals with a few years’ working experience and high school graduates exploring job and career opportunities for the first time. They:

  • Are qualified professionals looking to improve their management & leadership skills.
  • Want to grow an existing business.
  • Are looking to start a side business while in full-time employment.
  • Want to retire early and start consulting or running their own business.
  • Aspire to move from a clerical/admin position to a supervisory or managerial role.
  • Need formal qualifications to complement their work experience.
  • Are not being promoted as quickly as less experienced, more qualified employees.
  • Feel stuck in their jobs and need options to grow.
  • Want to set a good example for their children.
  • Want to do a short course to expand their skills set or to develop new skills.

While many of our students are comfortable with tertiary studies, some are new to this level, or have not studied for a while. They may therefore lack confidence in their ability to cope. Others may be uncertain about how they will fund their studies or find the time. These are all normal concerns, and we have several solutions. Our support system and capable staff make the difference. We help students settle in and provide the necessary academic and administrative support they need to navigate their course comfortably; and our Course Advisors prepare personalised payment plans and class schedules to suit individual circumstances.

If you’d like to get more information, please complete the enquiry form and a Course Advisor will be in touch to explain how this works.

If you are motivated to begin your studies with us, please continue to the programmes we offer.


MBA Trinidad


Choose from 6 specialised UK-accredited MBAs. Delivered online and tutor-led, each MBA comprises 6 units which can be completed in 12 months. Currently, it is the most affordable MBA in the country, with options to pay in monthly instalments. Units are assessed by assignments. Six intakes per year.

BA - Hons


Start with work experience, CSEC or CAPE and achieve this UK Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in as little as 2 years. All classes are lecturer led, delivered and supported online and students can pay in monthly instalments. Three intakes per year – January, May and September.

Diploma from SITAL College


Choose from UK-accredited Diplomas that prepare you for upward career mobility, and opportunities to progress to your Bachelor’s Degree and MBA. Choose from Business Studies, Information Technology, Healthcare and Journalism. Delivered online with three intakes per year – January, June and September.

Corprate Traning Trinidad


Choose from a wide range of corporate training programmes now delivered online. Receive complimentary consultations, with workshops or courses to suit your company’s needs. Affordable, contextualised and relevant to facilitate company growth and employee performance.

Certificate Courses


Choose from an expanded range of short courses. Some are ideal for ongoing professional development and others designed for entry-level positions that allow students to progress to Diploma programmes. These courses range from 8 weeks to 6 months.



Click here for programme start dates, duration and application deadlines. Additional courses may be included from time to time.

Student Reviews

Krystal Singh - BABA
Transformation through education

This progression greatly bolstered my confidence in tackling tasks within the professional setting. Notably, my proficiency in various areas such as preparing presentations, generating reports, and analysing data was significantly enhanced.

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Samantha Marcelle-Wells - MBA HRM
Elevating and expanding my skills as a leader

After completing my MBA I was motivated to seek leadership roles, involving myself at the strategic level, having now understood the importance HR in strategic decision-making.

Read More

Ayanna Toussaint - ABE Diploma Level 5 BM
Focus on career advancement

During my pursuit of my studies, I would have enjoyed the real-world studies and applications which I was able to take to my employers and have implemented in our organization.

Read More

Bibi Ramjattan - Airline Reservations
Focus on expanding her knowledge and skills

I love traveling so knowing about places and opening my own travel agency one day really motivates me to move forward.

Read More
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