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Why Study with Us

Why Study With Us

We make education accessible, affordable and convenient. Our student support is exceptional, our lecturers are deeply committed, and we are continuously improving and adding new programmes to ensure that our students are exposed to the most relevant skills needed by industry.

Exceptional Student Support

We take the time to understand our students’ needs and commit to delivering an enjoyable and uplifting education experience.

Many students are juggling multiple responsibilities, so studying can sometimes become quite stressful. In addition, it may have been years since some students were last in a classroom, or it may their first encounter with tertiary level studies; others may even have concerns about programmes being delivered online.

Our support system has been designed with these and other issues in mind, and we offer a range of activities to help you manage your studies – from preparing your individual study plan to providing workshops and one-on-one meetings on assignment-writing, IT sessions to sharpen computer skills, and time management and note-taking sessions for those who need it. Students have different challenges, and while some may be familiar with academic demands, we are aware that there are others who need more handholding. Individual student support is always available, and is just a message or phone call away.

The student journey

Ideally, you would have a conversation with a Course Advisor (CA) who guides you on choosing a course that suits your needs and provides information pertinent to your programme – course content, schedules, certification and fees. You can choose from a range of payment plans, which can also be modified to suit your semestral study budget. There are provisions to extend your course and/or payment plan based on your personal obligations. The application and registration processes are seamless and can be done entirely online or at the office if preferred.

We then take you through a series of onboarding and orientation activities to ensure that you are well prepared for your course and settled into your programme.

Once teaching is underway, you will receive academic and personal support at every stage. Regular class visits and quality checks are carried out, and we do personal outreach exercises to ensure that you are managing well. Students are encouraged to reach out for help, and we welcome recommendations and suggestions. During the programme, you will be invited to complimentary support workshops that supplement what you are learning within your core programme.

Before your programme ends, we provide consultations on progression to advanced education opportunities.

To learn more or to speak with a Course Advisor, please complete our enquiry form or contact us via phone, email or WhatsApp.

Courses cater to different needs

Our Programmes page lists courses that cater to persons at different stages in their careers – secondary school graduates, technical professionals, clerical and administration personnel, managers, specialist professionals, business executives and entrepreneurs.

Choices include short courses, diplomas and bachelor’s and MBA degrees, and there are self-paced short courses and professional development programmes for those who want to do a programme on their own time. Areas of study include General Business Management, Human Resource Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Marketing, Hospital & Health Services Management, Computing and Information Systems, Journalism & Media Studies, Travel & Tourism, Oil & Gas Management, Allied Health and more.

Some programmes are open entry (no prior qualifications required) and others require prior academic qualifications (ranging from CSEC to a bachelor’s degree) or work experience only. There are flexible study options so you can choose weekday or weekend classes and pursue any number of modules within a given semester. Students can progress all the way to a bachelor’s degree or master’s from CSEC or work experience.

Click here for details and please feel free to contact us for a consultation.

Meet Our Team

Our Dedicated Staff


Ann-Marina White

Executive Director

Graham White

Quality Assurance Director

Dr. Marva Ribeiro

Academic Director

Lynette Francis

Academic Administrator for Faculty Management and Course Delivery

Sherry Awai

Academic Administrator with responsibility for BBA & MBA Programme Management

Nicole St Hill-Ramdass

Academic Administrator for Academic Student Support