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Leeanna Ramlogan

Leeanna Ramlogan

Class of 2018

My journey at Sital College Institution was indeed a memorable one. My education programme began at the ABE certification to now my completed MBA programme. The affordability and flexibility from this programme was convenient and manageable. Though it was a challenging climb, the staff at various departments exercised remarkable support and guidance throughout my journey to achieving my MBA. The access to course materials was a tremendous benefit as it sets the stage for learning throughout the course which involved knowledge acquisition and retention.

I had the opportunity to engage and interact with various lecturers who executed substantial support in achieving the objectives of each module. The experience acquired in the learning environment was considerably motivating and valuable. The MBA education has given me new skills, knowledge and intelligence to enhance my career path. It allowed me to obtain adequate experience both practical and theorical, a better overview of the business world in addition to an in-depth understanding of the changes in the business environment.

Recognising that the MBA programme requires dedication, sacrifices must be considered when enrolling. Though the programme created flexibility, I developed a routine that worked for me and tried to maintain it. I enjoyed exercising as well as my social life, but I had to consider some changes in my lifestyle to achieve my goal. There were sleepless nights and days of being emotional but nevertheless, with determination, persistence and faith in God, today I am reaping the benefits.

With a great experience, I highly recommend Sital College to pursue your MBA. The programme will undoubtedly stimulate your intellect, allow you the opportunity to challenge yourself, open doors for your future and finally armed with an array of knowledge.


Marissa Paul


“Having started off with the ABE Diploma Level 5, the staff and facilitators at SITAL college made the transition to Level 6 the easiest, through their utmost guidance and support in making the best decisions possible.

During my tenure at Levels 5&6 of ABE, opportunities of growth and career advancement became possible and I was able to earn a better position and higher respect at work. It was because of this and my need for effecting change in the world that I pursued a master’s degree. This degree has allowed me to become more marketable and be an inspiration to my colleagues and peers. I am seeing better results because of it.

The staff at SITAL has always been approachable, and the facilitators have always gone the extra mile to ensure students always perform their best. Classes were always flexible to ensure work/ life/ school balance and not failing in their support, encouragement and dedication, allowed me to move on, and successfully complete my MBA.

The academic, administration and student support has been exceptional!

The staff at all levels at SITAL College more than execute what the motto is and to say the least, that is, “where student support drives student success”.

Their dedication and consistency has never wavered surpassing any expectations I ever had.

This type of support system is magnetic and their service is just dynamic!”


John Doe

Art director

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