Blockchain Seminar
Thursday 7th February 2019 at Jaffa at the Oval with Keynote Speaker Shane Ram

We invite you to attend our Half Day Seminar on Blockchain Technology.   Using Blockchain technology can improve the integrity of your data, and can work to fundamentally change your business.
Learn how Blockchain can help your business to increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve speed of transactions and enhance your data security.
Our Keynote Speaker, Shane Ram, CEO of Go for 10, is a global speaker and has recently presented in Dubai, London, Toronto, Bali, Santo Domingo, Nairobi, New Delhi and Bangalore. He will demonstrate how using Blockchain Technology can not only improve business processes, but also reduced costs of operations.
Blockchain will transform how you do business today.
Join us at: Jaffa at the Oval on 7th Feburary from 8:00 a.m. Breakfast included Cost: US$199 Book your seat now: CLICK HERE! Use our promo code: HALFPRICE 
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are the final pieces of the Globalisation Puzzle

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