Featured Student Michelle Thompson-Young

MBA Graduate

Sital College was a supportive environment, allowing students to challenge their perceptions both in lecture discussions, and in class assignments. The intensive module approach, flexibility of classes and the use of practical working experience, encouraged working students to pursue tertiary education comfortably.

Doing an MBA programme gave me new skills and knowledge to enhance my current career.

In addition, it strengthened my research and analytical skills, broadened my business understanding and identifying solutions to organizational issues via a strategic approach, and my ability.

An MBA programme improves your networking skills and builds on your leadership competencies and capabilities.

On completion of the programme, I have been placed on a succession planning programme to groom future Executives in my organisation. It has allowed me to surpass business targets which have been reflected in my performance appraisals.

The level of professionalism and academic support obtained from the SITAL Team was excellent, especially during my research process for my final project.

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