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Success stories are around us everywhere we look.

The one thing that successful people have in common is that they know what they want. Call it dreams, goals, aspirations, ambitions…whatever you will.  We all have them! But what really sets successful people apart? It’s actually very simple - they do not keep those ideas in their heads; instead they find ways to mobilize those dreams!  

Education is the fastest mechanism to transform dreams into career success. And it doesn’t matter your level of education or professional situation.  There is always an opportunity to do something that gives you the edge, that little bit of motivation to continuously spur you on to greater and greater achievements.

Over our 25 years in education, we have seen thousands of people achieve career and personal success because they made that decision to study, to invest to grow.

We are faced with choices every day of our lives. It is often difficult to predict how a decision can affect our future and the quality of life that results. When we spend more than we have, or place our investments impulsively; perhaps we participate in questionable activities or become associated with people who are not good for us. All these things affect our ability to realize those dreams, they remain stuck in our head, never giving us the opportunity to be better. 

We believe that everyone has the ability to succeed; we believe that everyone should have opportunities and we believe that success is always close by. Education empowers people and creates possibilities. Our job at SITAL College is to help and support people who want to make a difference to their lives, to the lives of their loved ones.

If you would like to hear more about what we do and how we can support your journey toward even greater success, give us a call at 640-8687 or send us an email ( and we will tell you all about our programmes, financial plans and flexible schedules.

Ann- Marina White

Executive Director

SITAL College of Tertiary Education Ltd. 

104-106 Eastern Main Road
Tacarigua, Trinidad & Tobago

(868) 226-5084, 226-5085

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