Tourism BnB

Your guide to opening your guest house

Having the right knowledge and tools will bring your idea to reality.
This workshop will show you how to convert your apartment, house, annex, or that extra room to accommodate tourists. We will outline what are the meet basic requirements and quality standardsvisitors look for.
Give that ‘Trini’ experience while keeping it professional.

What is covered?

•Answering foundation questions
• What is a visitor? How do they contribute to the idea of tourism?
• What is a Host Home and how does this fit into the accommodation landscape?
• About standards and security issues

Anatomy of host home living space

• Managing the living arrangements.
• Becoming a World Class Service Provider
Know your guests
• Building a relationship that lasts
• Data collection
• Getting repeat visits.
• Managing bad experiences

Marketing - online it!

• Options for getting your business known.
• Concepts of Trip advisor, Airbnb, and Social Media advertinisg
• About sites and attractions in Trinidad and Tobago
• Learn how you can give that ‘Trini’ experience
• Being an ambassador and a good host

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 Sital College
104-106 Eastern Main Road
Tacarigua, Trinidad & Tobago

(868) 226-5084, 226-5085

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