Supervisory Management

What is it about?

Effective supervision of staff requires specific skills. From leader to motivator to problem solver, a supervisor’s talents need to be multi-dimensional. This course will deal with all supervisory issues in a clear and practical manner with useful guidelines. You will gain an invaluable insight into management techniques and skills and a clear understanding of your role within the organisation, a better knowledge of people skills and how they can be used to develop an effective supervisory style and an ability to earn the respect of your team.

It will provide you with the tools and techniques you need to make a successful transition to a supervisory position from your current position; and will also help improve your organisation and communications skills. You will learn how to fairly assign the workload to your team and ensure that everybody stays motivated. The course will outline the approach to simple HR functions such as training and staff appraisals. You will learn how to cope with conflicts and how to build a sound team that can work well with one another.

Upon successful completion of this course, we recommend that students pursue an ABE Diploma in Human Resource Management or Business Management, with the option to further their studies to a Bachelor of Business Administration Honours Degree from the University of Hertfordshire (UK).

Who is this course for?

This Supervisory Management Course is for those who are about to take up a supervisory position as well as persons who are supervisors and would like to improve their skills in this area.

What is covered?

·         Making the change to being a supervisor

·         Dealing with staff

·         Planning and organising

·         Delegating and work allocation

·         How to motivate people

·         Using motivational techniques

·         De-motivation – the symptoms

·         How to deal with people problems

·         Setting goals and objectives

·         Appraising staff

·         Managing performance and maintaining discipline

·         Communication skills, both written and oral

     ·         Teambuilding and leadership

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