Master of Business Administration Degrees

The MBAs from the University of Bedfordshire are fully accredited, globally-recognised and approved by the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago. These qualifications will position you to take advantage of opportunities in entrepreneurship, leadership and management. 

Work with academics and practitioners on live consultancy projects from organisations across private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Develop attributes such as team-working, negotiation skills, leadership and the ability to apply critical and creative thinking to complex and unclear problems to develop innovative solutions for the global, knowledge-based economy.

Successful completion of this MBA therefore, highlights your potential to have a real impact on the transformation of the organization you join, as it enhances your ability to creatively apply this knowledge and understanding to complex issues to systematically and innovatively enhance strategic business and management practice.

Why do this MBA at SITAL College?

Choose from 6 MBA pathways - General Business Management, Human Resource Management, Hospital & Health Services Management, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Marketing Management, and Oil & Gas Management.

We deliver the curriculum to the exacting standards of the University of Bedfordshire and supplement this by encouraging desirable business values into the student experience. We have identified many of the gaps that exist between employer expectations and employee readiness, and expose students to events and activities to help close those gaps. It is our hope that this will help our graduates stand out in the work place.

Classes are more intimate than they are at most institutions, and this allows us to provide the personal attention that is the hallmark of our institution. Our faculty are kept current through continuous professional development and staff members are encouraged to support students with courtesy, respect and understanding.

We are aware that many of you may not have been in a classroom for a long time. Do not let this deter you. Students will be well-prepared to pursue studies at this level, as we have an excellent complimentary support programme to help you prepare. This includes a thorough induction by our Academic Advisor and Executive Director, Academic Writing Workshops by our Academic Director and other faculty and IT workshops. There is a unit induction by the Tutor assigned to each unit, and this provides you with full guidance and expectations before the classes start. The support continues through to graduation.  

It is our promise to make education affordable, accessible and convenient, while we uphold the integrity and quality of your academic experience. 

The MBA at a glance

·      Each MBA comprises 6 units and can be completed over a period of 12 months. Each unit runs for 6 weeks and students must complete two assignments, one in the 3rd week and the other in the 6th week. There is a 2-week break between units.

·      The 4 core units combine general management education with the respective specialist areas. The last two units include live projects using international and/or local companies. This hands-on component offers students an invaluable opportunity to benefit from collaboration with their international counterparts under the guidance and combined expertise of instructors.

·       We have 3 main for the year (January, June and September) but may also accept students at 3 additional intakes in April, August and Novemebr based on demand. Students can join at any intake. Classes are smaller than they are in most institutions, so that we can provide personalised attention, while maintaining good numbers for effective group work.

The General Business Management MBA Units  

·        Leading and Managing Organisational Resources

·        Project Management 

·        Strategy and the Global Competitive Environment

·     Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Dissertation Stage comprises two units

·        Management Practice

·        Theory into Practice Project

Click on the specialisation MBAs for the Unit information.


There are two assignments per unit, one due in the 3rd week and the other in the 6th week. Students must achieve an overall minimum pass mark of 40% per unit, with a grade of 65% or above overall and 70% and above in the dissertation stage giving you a distinction.

Assessments are rooted in real life and practical workplace scenarios to enable learning to be transferred to the workplace. Assessment of later units allow for greater integration and synthesis. Exams are kept to a minimum as the focus is on practical skills such as report writing, presentation and projects.

A range of assessment methods is used throughout the course for you to demonstrate your knowledge and skills, including: 

·        Individual written reports that allow you to apply theory to case studies for in-depth analysis

·        Business Reports that allow you to demonstrate contextual insight and report professionally on practice

·        Project Plans that requires you to use your knowledge and skills of project management

·        Seminar Papers that allow progressive development of critical analysis skills

·        Project Reports that integrate learning throughout the course applied in practice

·        Business simulation where you demonstrate the impact of your strategic decision making

Eligibility, Application & Fee Structure

Applicants must satisfy ONE of the following entry requirements:

• An undergraduate degree at Honours level or equivalent or

• 3 years of management or supervisory experience

Applicants with qualifications and experience other than the above will be considered on a case by case basis. Click here for additional information on the University of Bedfordshire (UoB).

We can email the forms and guide you through the process to make it seamless and easy for you. Simply contact us and one of our Course Advisors will send additional details. If you would like us to determine your eligibility, you can send your CV to and we will advise you within 1 working day.

You will also receive the fee structure and an outline of the monthly payment plans. Fees include registration, administration, tuition and University’s fees, and we offer specially reduced fees from time to time. Currently, this is the most affordable UK MBA in the market. We look forward to discussing your needs and supporting you to start this exciting and rewarding journey. 

This MBA is certified by the University of Bedfordshire (UoB)



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