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Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Administration

 Why choose this degree?  

      Employers ask for formal qualifications in business because they want evidence that their employees have the skills to meet workplace challenges. The BA Degree in Business Administration from the University of Hertfordshire is ideal if you want to obtain a globally recognised UK degree that will give you the edge in the job market. You will receive full online teaching from the university as well as face to face teaching at SITAL College, making this ideal for busy working students who want to study at their convenience, from wherever they are.

It's an online Degree that is supported by face-to-face class sessions

What are the advantages of pursuing this degree?  

When you think online degree, what usually comes to mind is working on your own with little live company for motivation, and tutors who are only available in virtual space. This is an online degree with a differnce

While online studies are very convenient, sometimes students lose focus and drive, or they lack the discipline to complete their studies. This method of delivery helps to address many of these challenges. Students will receive direct tuition from the University, as well as face-to-face class sessions at our campus. In addition, we will provide students with personalised academic guidance from our strong support team. In this way, you’ll never be on your own as an online, distance-study student, but will have the best of both worlds - access to the University’s learning materials 24/7, while you attend classes just one day a week 

Entry Points  

Enter with CAPE, work experience, a Diploma or an Associate Degree. There are even options for students who have an incomplete Bachelor’s Degree from another university. 

If you already have a Diploma 6 (or Advanced Diploma) or an Associate Degree, you can top up to the Bachelor's in just 1 year.  
Students with CAPE, work experience or the relevant Diploma will start at year 1, while others may be able to start in the second year. There is flexibility based on the applicant's combination of qualifications and work experience. 

Academic, Administrative and Financial Support

You will receive exceptional student support all the way through to graduation - it is an undertaking we commit to. Our Programme Administrators take away the worry of administrative matters, so you can focus on your studies.

The fees are very affordable, and we offer a range of financing options, including extended  monthly payment plans to suit individual budgets.

At a glance

-   You will be receiving a UK-accredited degree without high overseas costs

-   You will have access to the University’s virtual learning environment and online library and be a member of the University’s student 

-  Take advantage of a flexible study pattern and hours enabling you to fit in study with family and work commitments

-  There are no formal examinations - assessment is 100% by coursework

-   All materials are delivered through online ‘Supported Distance Learning'

-  Students will normally study 8 modules,  per academic year spread over 3 semesters

-  Module Leaders and Module Tutors at the University of Hertfordshire will be responsible for the teaching, assessment & support of
   students on all academic matters related to distance learning.

Complete the form on this page and we will send you a brochure and details of the payment plans, application procedures and start dates. There are 3 intakes for the year - January, May and September.

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Tacarigua, Trinidad & Tobago

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