So is there a programme that's the right fit for you?

There is a range of programmes which will provide career growth opportunities for persons from a wide cross-section of disciplines and industries, people with different educational experiences and at various stages in their careers.

Depending on where you are along the career ladder, we can provide options to advance your prospects. You can enter directly into our MBA Degree or choose one of our UK-accredited Diplomas and make your way toward your Bachelor's Degree. These globally recognized qualifications will give you the right skills set to progress seamlessly from your current position.

Alternatively, there are short professional development courses and one-day workshops which you can pursue if you wish to enhance specific skills.

The programmes will suit a range of budgets and we can facilitate you through easy payment plans.


Our accredited programmes carry high industry respect, are globally transportable and our school environment is safe and comfortable. We are also continuously exploring opportunities to improve and expand our services to our students, just as we continuously review our curriculum to keep pace with industry developments and demands.

We offer Workshops, Certificate and Diploma programmes and Bachelors’ and Masters’ degrees for students preparing for careers and upward mobility in a range of industries. The qualifications include, but are but are not limited to, General Business Management, Human Resource Management, Broadcasting for Radio and Television, Tourism and Hospitality, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship, Information Technology and Systems Administration, Marketing and Journalism & Media Studies.

Profesional Development Workshops

Our 1- and 2-day professional development workshops are designed for working people who wish to upgrade and advance their skills. These workshops are based on our market research which identifies the skills, competencies, and knowledge that companies want their employees to have. These workshops are open to individuals and companies, and the range is suitable for persons at varying levels within their organization. We can tailor make programmes for the specific needs of different companies, and training can be delivered at times convenient to them, either at their offices or on campus. The fees are very reasonably priced and we offer discounted fees for larger groups and if a company wishes to contact us for 3 or more workshops within a given 12-month period. Click on the link for the full list, schedule, content and registration details of the standard workshops and examples of tailor-made ones.

Short Professional Development Courses

People who cannot commit to longer Certificate and Diploma programmes would find our Short Certificate Courses ideal. They have been designed to meet the needs of employers, and participants will obtain real value from these programmes. They are relevant to a range of business environments. These 6-, 8- and 10-week Courses also give you an introductory peek into programmes you can progress to upon completing them. We have over 15 Short Courses that are offered at different times over the year, and span areas such as Selling Skills, Event Management, Project Management, Supervisory Management, Six Sigma Foundations, Spanish for Business and Leisure and Computer Literacy programmes. Click on the link for the full list, schedule, entry requirements, content and registration details.

Vocational Certificate Courses

This category refers to programmes that are designed to help participants become qualified for specific jobs, and are most suitable for young career seekers or persons wishing to acquire skills to change their careers. Courses include Certificates in Airline Reservations and Travel Agency Operations, Flight Attendant Training, Broadcasting for Radio and Television and training for specific jobs such as Office Assistants, Accounts Clerks and more. Click on the link for the full list, schedule, entry requirements, content and registration details.

Globally-transportable Diplomas

Our UK-Diploma programmes are ideal for the young high-school graduate, and are also popular among working adults and young professionals looking for career-advancement opportunities. They are excellent qualifications for two main reasons - they provide students with the knowledge and skills to perform well in the workplace (therefore providing chances for promotions and higher salaries) and they can be used as a gradual path to a Bachelor's degree or MBA. These qualifications are from the Association of Business Executives (ABE), the Association of Business Managers and Administrators (ABMA) and the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) from Pearson. Click on the link for the full list, schedule, entry requirements, content and registration details.
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