Administrative Assistant Short Course

Who will benefit from this programme?

This Course is designed to help people prepare for jobs such as Secretaries, Office Assistants, Administrative Assistants, Receptionists and Office Clerks in any type of business. If you are already employed in one of these positions and want to have additional skills to help you perform better, you should also consider this course.

We recommend this course as well, if you have recently graduated from high school and want to acquire administrative skills to start working as soon as possible; and also if you are working in a job that does not meet your financial or career needs and you want to get ahead to secure a better job or a promotion.

We invite you to contact us so we can discuss this and other courses that are right for you. See how you can progress easily to a Business Diploma and beyond while you continue to work and earn... all at affordable payment plans.

Topics covered

Business Administration

• Structure of business organizations

• Working in an administrative role

• Reception and mail services

• Business procedures and Information management

• Adopting leadership styles

• Stress management

• Time management

• Basic consumer arithmetic


Effective Business communication

• Business letters

• Business reports

• List and/or structured notes

• Memos

• Company notices


Work ethics

• Professional image

• Work values


Text Production

• Reception and mail services

• Hands-on Information technology


Important Details         


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