Certificate in Broadcasting and Communication

Now SITAL College is opening more doors to new and exciting careers in Television and Radio Broadcasting!

This NEW course is not only for people who want to embark on a career in the field but is also designed for persons wishing to learn effective public speaking skills, how to command audiences, deliver a sales pitch with eloquence and confidence, ace presentations or just improve their ability to communicate more effectively.

A rich combination of experienced, well-respected industry professionals will deliver this practical part-time 3-month course…just one day a week.

Choose from either a Saturday or evening programme (just one evening per week) and learn the techniques, get certified and secure your career footing in this exciting and lucrative field.

From here, move to advanced qualifications in Media and Journalism and Mass Communications or simply go straight into the workplace, both in traditional electronic (radio and television) and print (newspapers, magazines etc.) media.  


Who is this course for?

·         Broadcasters (radio and television presenters)

·         Debate team members

·         Corporate communications

·         Public relations practitioners/officers

·         Public speakers

·         Corporate officials

·         Corporate ambassadors (office assistants, receptionists etc.)

·         Insurance agents

·         Telephone operators

·         Podcasters

·         Customer service representatives

·         Sales representatives, teachers, lecturers, educators

·         Facilitators

·         Students with a desire for a career in any of the fields stated. 


What is covered?

·         Microphone techniques

·         Production essentials

·         Speech  

·         On-air preparation,

·         Effective oral and written communication

·         Practical (real-life) skills using the requisite broadcasting jargon

·         The understanding of the different forms of broadcast media mechanisms

·         Script reading

·         Camera, Television and Sound in Broadcasting

·         Fundamentals of script writing

Ethics & Law in Media

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