Airline Reservations and Travel Agent Operations

Travel Reservations & Travel Agency Operations is one of the largest foreign exchange earners, providing employment to millions of people worldwide through many service areas.

Completion of this 5 module programme equips students with skills to work with the airlines, at travel agencies, at travel desks in hotels and big corporations and even open their own travel agency.

Based upon one of the more popular reservations software, the Sabre system is used globally by airlines, travel agency and companies to book airfares, hotel accommodation, cars, cruises and tours

Who is this course for?

·         High school leavers

·         Airline and general receptionists

·         people working in entry-level jobs in tourism

·         Flight Attendants

·         Self-employed Persons who want to earn extra cash

·         Unemployed Persons

·         Retired Persons

·         Persons wanting to start up business in tourism/travel

·         Persons looking for career change

·         Employees in Hotels

·         Car Rental and Tour operators can expand a business.

What is covered?

·         Theory of Airline Reservations

·         Sabre Computerized Reservations

·         Job Application

·         Automated Ticketing + E-Ticketing

·         Sabre Cars & Hotel Booking


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