Message from the Executive Director

At SITAL College we offer opportunities for persons from different educational backgrounds, and have programmes that prepare our students for success in a range of disciplines and industries. Business studies are not only important for traditional businesses, but are necessary to ensure that every sector remains competitive in an increasingly sophisticated and competitive economy. This includes health, education, manufacturing, the energy sector, tourism and hospitality and all the service providers.

A good education will prepare you for career success and also equips you to think clearly, to express unbiased points of view, to act responsibly and will empower you to contribute meaningfully in both a personal capacity and professionally. I encourage you to take the step to study this year. It is going to be challenging
year, and if you are to manage change and find ways to overcome challenges, having additional information, knowledge and qualifications will help. Finding the funds to study may be a challenges for some, but many of our programmes are GATE-approved, we have short courses that are affordable, we have established links with a commercial bank for preferential rates on student loans and we have very reasonable fees, as well as flexible payment arrangements.

Please visit our "Why study with us?" page afterwards, as there is some information that you should know before choosing us. I prefer not to repeat it here, but it provides some more insight about our culture and student support. Then you would want to visit our "Programmes" page which will direct you to full details of each programme.

At SITAL College we are passionate about student support, and I am very proud of my staff in that regard. We believe that effective student support is the key to student success, and our tag line “where student support drives student success” is the ethos upon which our institutional culture is hinged. Students see this support from the inception all the way through to graduation.

I believe that education fills gaps and empowers people. In 2017 and beyond, we will continue to support and empower our students as they work toward achieving their personal and professional goals. I hope you will find a programme to suit your needs and I encourage you to email or call one of our knowledgeable Course Advisors for further assistance. I am also available if you would like to discuss options, even after you have spoken with our staff.

Thank you once again for your interest, and please enjoy your tour of our website.

With best wishes,

Ann-Marina White
Message From the Executive Director
Message from the Chairman

Since its establishment in 1992, SITAL has been known for preparing its students for the workplace. The focus has been on practical work skills while we provided the formal training to equip students to manage the technical aspects of the job. Although the school has expanded its curriculum to cater for a wider range of industries, we have kept our focus on the practical component of the curriculum.

We believe that SITAL College has a responsibility to all its stakeholders to retain its mission: To provide a flexible education service that’s responsive to industry needs in a student-friendly environment that empahsises comfort, helpfulness, quality and professionalism.

As the Chairman of the Board, I am pleased to reassure the public that we will not lose sight of the core purpose of our institution, and that we will do so with the same passion that propelled us to establish the school 25 years ago. The school has evolved in many ways since those early days, and although the focus on creating opportunities remains at the forefront of our mission, there have been significant and exciting changes to the curricula, staff, facilities, scope and opportunities for students.

We have always been known for quality, integrity and transparency, and the entire board is committed to those values. I would like to reiterate the 5 core values that also currently represent our focus:

S - student focussed
I - integrity
T- teamwork
A - achievement
L - loyalty

The Board of Directors is proud of the many accomplishments of our students and encouraged by the tremendous support from a good staff. We take pride in the strides our institution continues to make. I hope that your stay with us will bring you the rewards that the founders had envisioned for our students.

I wish you every success, and thank you for choosing SITAL College to pursue your career goals.

With warm regards,
Hibza Jennifer Baksh

Chairman, Board of Directors
 Sital College
104-106 Eastern Main Road
Tacarigua, Trinidad & Tobago

(868) 226-5084, 226-5085

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