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What our students say...

“The highlight of studying at SITAL College was the process in merging the classroom teaching with that of the actual or practical work executed at the business place and seeing how it worked.

The program changed my thought process towards business which I saw to be the key benefit. It allowed me to upgrade and advance my business in the area of the operating system of the business that is, moving into a more computerized up to date system. It allowed me to make the business more marketable and this resulted in increased income for the business.

The programme opened up a wealth of career opportunities for me to explore. The fact that I could earn a qualification at each stage made the programme most definitely more achievable. It increased my confidence as I kept being successful at each stage and fostered the spirit to complete the programme.

I will give the programme 10 out of 10 rating! I really felt the support of SITAL academic, administration and student support staff, throughout my journey at this centre.”

Cindy Hinds     Class of 2010
“ABE has provided me with a sound theoretical foundation on business concepts coupled with examples. Application in today’s dynamic business environment, I would have to say ABE’s key strength would be its indebt holistic approach to learning about business. After completing my ABE Level 6 diploma, I entered a BBA top up degree program from the Australian Institute of Business delivered by SITAL College of Tertiary Education Limited.

Upon entering I quickly realised ABE’s true worth and strength to which I quickly excelled at the BBA level and allowed me to successfully complete the top up degree.

ABE has only provided me with the foundation to enter a degree program but to excel and spur on to new challenges with the confidence that I am about to enter a MBA program in Marketing Management.

I was only able to excel in my academics pursuits because I was afforded a convenient and conducive environment by SITAL College. Their inimitable dedication, lecturers and facilitators also by their support staff has made the journey enjoyable and given me the confidence to pursuer greater. Thank you SITAL!” ”

Vindra Bissram    Class of 2013
“I had made a decision to further my education, and my first option was to go to London where I was getting exactly what I wanted, but the price was prohibitive.

I found that SITAL was offering the closest next option, so I applied. As with any new programme there were teething problems, but once you got the rhythm of the study, it truly is achievable. The faculty, though some were new to teaching MBA students, really gave it their all, as their aim was to see the first twelve in the programme succeed, so we could pave the way for the rest of students to come. It truly was a remarkable journey.

Thank you SITAL ”

Sandra Basheer   Class of 2010
“The main highlights of studying at SITAL College are:

Small interactive classes
One on one discussion
Flexible class hours
Great lecturers
Clarification & Understanding of subject matter

You are able to fully focus on one specific area at a time which allows you greater opportunity to succeed..

Melissa Rosales   Class of 2014

Life is about balance. Obtaining a balance between financial goals and personal development, personal life and impacting upon the community is key. Before selecting the AIB MBA I did extensive research into Masters programmes at local and international universities. I considered the method of syllabus delivery, cost, value for money, average time for completion, accreditation of the programme in Trinidad and Tobago and the convenience of the class times. I also consulted with two PhDs who have been involved in teaching at university level.

Convenience and flexibility were two major selling points for me. The fact that if I focused and did well I could complete the accreditation in less than 2 years, was a major selling point. I also considered the number of hours per week that I would need to dedicate to the programme and the convenient times and days for classes. As a busy professional and a person with family and ministry commitments, the weekend classes appealed to me as they would be less disruptive to my already hectic schedule.

One of the key benefits from completing the programme was obtaining an MBA from an accredited international institution and practical tools to equip me for success in business are two key benefits that I derived from the programme. Having completed the programme I gained insights that have helped me be more effective manager and confident that someday I could apply the principles and be a successful entrepreneur and be a successful business leader so I can be a blessing to others.

I was able to get exposure to theory in a broad range of areas relevant to business such as finance, operations, human resource management, corporate governance and logistics. This exposure helped me to communicate and collaborate closer with Managers from different Departments in my organization who come from distinct career backgrounds.

The administrative and support staff at SITAL College were very supportive. The facilitators were at a good standard. I was able to meet and interact with like- minded professionals who had an appetite for learning and continuous improvement. AIB also granted MBA students access to a range of scholarly articles and on-line resources throughout the programme..Testimonials

Genevieve Mootie – Featured Lecturer, October 2017

Genevieve Mootie joined SITAL College as an Adjunct Lecturer in the ABE Diploma 4 Human Resource Management courses in 2008 and is passionate about the ABE programme and its contribution to student development.

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Sharleen Carrera Featured Student October 2017

I began my studies at SITAL College in 2008 and to date, it has been an amazing journey. SITAL College offers a unique combination of excellent student support, passionate and specialised lecturers in addition to an energetic learning classroom environment.

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Corie Shepard-Babb – Featured Lecturer, September 2017

Corie Shepard-Babb joined SITAL College in June 2012 as a Facilitator of the AIB BBA & MBA Courses.

He obtained a B.Sc. in Management Studies (Major) from the University of the West Indies (UWI) and an International Masters with a specialization in International Marketing Management also from UWI. In addition, Corie has a professional affiliation with the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

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Renaldo Singh- Featured Student for September 2017

It was quite a privilege to study with an internationally recognised institution such as AIB. Both the assignments and examinations allowed me to apply my learning to real life situations with real life companies instead of just memorising theories from a textbook.

I wanted an internationally recognised degree from a reputable institution as well as a programme that offered time and cost flexibility without compromising quality.

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Brian Wood – Featured Lecturer, August 2017

Brian joined SITAL College as a Facilitator of courses in the AIB BBA & MBA programmes in August 2014.

He graduated from Brock University (Ontario Canada) in 1983 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and Sociology.  The following year he graduated from the University of Strathclyde (Scotland) with a Master of Commerce degree in Marketing.

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