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What our students say...

“The highlight of studying at SITAL College was the process in merging the classroom teaching with that of the actual or practical work executed at the business place and seeing how it worked.

The program changed my thought process towards business which I saw to be the key benefit. It allowed me to upgrade and advance my business in the area of the operating system of the business that is, moving into a more computerized up to date system. It allowed me to make the business more marketable and this resulted in increased income for the business.

The programme opened up a wealth of career opportunities for me to explore. The fact that I could earn a qualification at each stage made the programme most definitely more achievable. It increased my confidence as I kept being successful at each stage and fostered the spirit to complete the programme.

I will give the programme 10 out of 10 rating! I really felt the support of SITAL academic, administration and student support staff, throughout my journey at this centre.”

Cindy Hinds     Class of 2010
“ABE has provided me with a sound theoretical foundation on business concepts coupled with examples. Application in today’s dynamic business environment, I would have to say ABE’s key strength would be its indebt holistic approach to learning about business. After completing my ABE Level 6 diploma, I entered a BBA top up degree program from the Australian Institute of Business delivered by SITAL College of Tertiary Education Limited.

Upon entering I quickly realised ABE’s true worth and strength to which I quickly excelled at the BBA level and allowed me to successfully complete the top up degree.

ABE has only provided me with the foundation to enter a degree program but to excel and spur on to new challenges with the confidence that I am about to enter a MBA program in Marketing Management.

I was only able to excel in my academics pursuits because I was afforded a convenient and conducive environment by SITAL College. Their inimitable dedication, lecturers and facilitators also by their support staff has made the journey enjoyable and given me the confidence to pursuer greater. Thank you SITAL!” ”

Vindra Bissram    Class of 2013
“I had made a decision to further my education, and my first option was to go to London where I was getting exactly what I wanted, but the price was prohibitive.

I found that SITAL was offering the closest next option, so I applied. As with any new programme there were teething problems, but once you got the rhythm of the study, it truly is achievable. The faculty, though some were new to teaching MBA students, really gave it their all, as their aim was to see the first twelve in the programme succeed, so we could pave the way for the rest of students to come. It truly was a remarkable journey.

Thank you SITAL ”

Sandra Basheer   Class of 2010
“The main highlights of studying at SITAL College are:

Small interactive classes
One on one discussion
Flexible class hours
Great lecturers
Clarification & Understanding of subject matter

You are able to fully focus on one specific area at a time which allows you greater opportunity to succeed..

Melissa Rosales   Class of 2014
I began my studies at SITAL College in 2008 and to date, it has been an amazing journey. SITAL College offers a unique combination of excellent student support, passionate and specialised lecturers in addition to an energetic learning classroom environment.

The Bachelors and now the Master’s Degree allow me the opportunity to immediately apply my knowledge to the workplace and continue to push me to expand my critical thinking.

SITAL College’s academic, administrative and support staff has shown exemplary service to all. It is because of this level of service that I continue to choose SITAL College and would recommend this institution to all potential students wanting to pursue tertiary education.

Sharlene Carerra   Featured Student, October of 2017
SITAL is more than a College. The lecturers and staff display excellent teaching skills are caring and will go beyond the call of duty to facilitate the needs and aspirations of students.

I feel my presence appreciated. SITAL provided the opportunity for me to study in my chosen field and that is what matters most.

I was guaranteed individual attention whenever I needed. The evening classes were very convenient as it gave me more time during the day to prepare for evening classes.

Being an ABE student from the beginning helped me to gain an in-depth knowledge of all the factors that need to be implemented in order to set up and run a successful business. ABE, in general, provided me with timeless strategic tools necessary to measure and forecast the success of businesses and realize my full potential as a student pursuing Business Management studies. This programme provided me with the relevant ground work necessary to pursue my MBA immediately after completion (at SITAL). The lecturers have provided me with invaluable assistance by going through the course in detail and ensuring that all students fully understand and appreciate the syllabus. I must say that throughout my journey here, I met new and professional colleagues that shared common goals and interests.

SITAL never failed to facilitate me with any information that I request. They are quite proactive and truly helpful. I believe an investment in education is the best investment in a person’s life. I am proud to be part of the SITAL family where I began my tertiary education journey with ABE and will complete it with the MBA.“The main highlights of studying at SITAL College are:

vana Verasammy   Featured Student, November 2017

The main highlight of studying at SITAL was the flexibility of the course schedule, excellent lecturers, and great support staff.

I  found that the programme was an easy fit into my lifestyle, and the schedule was suitable and practical for me as it did not interfere with my regular work hours during the week. The programme is adaptable to the work environment and was definitely good value for money.

The resourcefulness of the lecturers, the training materials received and the coursework covered, were all very valuable. The knowledge and experience I gained from sharing work experiences made the class sessions very dynamic. I am now better positioned for future job openings and promotions.

I felt extremely supported and pampered by the staff. The academic, administrative and support staff were all very warm,  welcoming and friendly and made the journey  a lot easier and comfortable to succeed. 

Noel Eustace BBA Valedictorian    Featured Student, December 2017

What our lecturers say...

Dr. Kenneth Butcher joined SITAL College in February 2015 as a Facilitator in the AIB MBA programme.

He holds a BSc Cum Laude in Behavioural Science, an MBA from Andrews University and a DBA from the University of Phoenix.

Dr. Butcher brings his extensive wealth of practical experience to the classroom having held positions that include Member of Parliament, CEO of SPORTTT and Executive Manager Academy of Sport and Leisure Studies (ASLS) at the University of Trinidad and Tobago.

His main focus is in Leadership and Corporate Governance where he is able to share real life experiences with students and bring alive the text book concepts to enhance effective delivery of AIB’s applied-learning degrees. He has a very down to earth approach and his sense of humour is also evident in the classroom and keeps students focused during their classroom experience.

Dr. Butcher’s most rewarding aspect of facilitating these courses is sharing his experiences with the students and seeing them use these to apply course concepts in their work-place.

SITAL College proudly presents Dr. Kenneth Butcher as our featured lecturer for July 2017

Dr. Keneth Butcher   Featured Lecture, July 2017

Brian joined SITAL College as a Facilitator of courses in the AIB BBA & MBA programmes in August 2014.

He graduated from Brock University (Ontario Canada) in 1983 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and Sociology.  The following year he graduated from the University of Strathclyde (Scotland) with a Master of Commerce degree in Marketing.

Brian held several senior marketing management positions in the Tobacco, Floriculture, Retail, Oil & Gas, Shipping and Telecommunications Industries.

In September 2005, Brian became the General Manager of GTECH Latin America Corporation (Trinidad & Tobago) and led the expansion of its distribution network.

In March 2011, Brian founded BRIZA Technologies Limited and in 2015 The Council for Competitiveness and Innovation announced that BRIZA has been awarded a financial grant under its 2015 idea2innovation (i2i) Program.  This grant will assist the company to execute a Proof of Concept for its Valuation & Inspection Clearing House.  This facility is aimed at automating and mobilizing the business processes and workflows which exist between financial institutions and their service providers.

Brian brings a wealth of knowledge in Marketing to SITAL College where his students continue to do well on their final examinations as he delivers the subjects based on his expertise in this field.

SITAL College congratulates Brian on this achievement and proudly presents Brian Wood as our highlighted lecturer for August 2017.

Brian Wood   Featured Lecturer, August 2017
Genevieve Mootie joined SITAL College as an Adjunct Lecturer in the ABE Diploma 4 Human Resource Management courses in 2008 and is passionate about the ABE programme and its contribution to student development. 

Because of her success in the classroom, and the obvious interest she showed in her students, she was invited to work as a Student Counsellor and provides invaluable guidance and support to our students.

Prior to her employment with us, she worked in the banking sector for over 20 years.

Genevieve obtained her BSc Management studies ( 1st class honours, University of the West Indies) where she also won two awards for one of the most outstanding females and for best results in Management Studies (special). In 2008, she pursued a Certificate in the Teaching of Reading (Open Campus) and received 1st place award.

She encourages her mature students with one simple sentence: “If I can go back to school at age 42, working, with a husband, 6 children and a grandchild, anyone can do this.” She thanks, God and a supportive husband for her achievements.

Genevieve enjoys motivating her students to realize their potential as they move from uncertainty to confidence and success. She encourages them to be passionate and enjoy their studies. In keeping with the personalised attention which is a characteristic of SITAL College and its staff, her students are comfortable to keep in touch, letting her know how her notes and extra hand-outs continue to help them as they progress to the higher level diplomas.

When asked to share the secret of her classroom success, she cheekily starts off by saying, “I can’t take the fame, I can’t take the blame…” Genevieve loves teaching because she sees how education continues to make a difference in the lives of her studies.

Genevieve Mootie   Featured Lecturer, Oct 2017

Building a career which spans over twelve years in the field of Marketing Communications has been an exhilarating rush likened to a rollercoaster ride.

Having worked in various sectors including energy, telecommunications, FMCG, technology and optical, the highs and lows of learning from successes and missed targets are priceless. Today I see myself as a MarCom Trailblazer, but always a work in progress. This as the world of marketing allows one to always find new ways to connect, excite and motivate persons using various channels. The passion for my field lies in the unknown creative opportunities which are yet to be explored.

Marketing cannot be learned in just a textbook. Surely, critical foundation stems from understanding theory, however true learnings come from real world examples. This is what I am happy to bring to lectures; a marriage of theory and experience. At SITAL College, I take students through this dynamic field and witness during the linkage of course material and actual company examples, the ‘aha’ moments. The interaction and energy built from videos and case presentations, fosters an excellent learning environment for those experienced or new to the field.

The future of business and by extension Trinidad and Tobago, relies on intelligent, analytical and creative minds. I enjoy inspiring students to think outside the box as although history sets us up to not repeat mistakes, it is our ability to create which fosters innovative solutions for tomorrow! 

Ian Marcus Lewis, MS, BS, ACIM   Featured Lecturer, November 2017
Dr. Philip Allard has been intimately involved in administrative and leadership roles in the field of education in Trinidad and Tobago for over fifteen years.

He has extensive knowledge of current curriculum development and modern pedagogical methods that are targeted toward the creation of effective educational institutions that engage learners in a student centred and supportive environment.

Dr. Allard has lectured business management courses at the tertiary level for over 11 years including SITAL College. He has also developed and facilitated training programmes in business administration for corporate clients.

Dr. Allard received his PhD in Business Management from the Australian Institute of Business (AIB) in December 2016, his MA in Educational Leadership from the University of the Southern Caribbean in June 2011, and his MBA (Marketing) from the Instituted of Business, University of the West Indies in July 2004.

SITAL College is pleased to highlight Dr. Phillip Allard.

Dr. Phillip Allard   Featured Lecturer, December 2017
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