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Diploma programmes give students the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge valued by employers locally and globally.  Beginning this path to self-improvement can facilitate career growth and serve as a natural academic progression to our degree programmes.

These qualifications are valuable for jobs in a variety of business areas including general management, marketing, finance, accounting, public relations, advertising, managing information systems, logistics and supply chain, human resources and tourism.

High school leavers can start from a Level 3 or Level 4 Foundation Diploma and work their way toward a Degree whereas the mature student who may or may not have formal qualifications, can enter at the Diploma 5 level and work towards their Degree.

From Diploma 5, students can progress to Diploma 6, which is at a higher level than an Associate Degree.  It is just an easy step from there to your Bachelor’s Degree which can take you less than one year.

Now, the government service in Trinidad and Tobago are asking for ABE Diplomas as entry level qualifications into the service. 

ABE Business Management

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ABE Business Management and Human Resource Management

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ABE Business Management & Marketing

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Request a
104-106 Eastern Main Road
Tacarigua, Trinidad & Tobago

(868) 226-5084, 226-5085

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AKO Bridgeman.  MBA Student

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