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Youth-Career-Navigation Programme (YouCaNPro)

SITAL College has designed an innovative programme to deliver tertiary education to young secondary school graduates that incorporate core job skills proficiencies into the curriculum. The Youth-Career-Navigation Programme (YouCaNPro) equips young adults with a range of business competencies, attitudes, behaviours and social skills to help them develop into confident, productive employees and citizens.

The YouCaNPro was developed to address the concern that many young adults are graduating with diplomas and degrees, but lack essential skills that prevent them from performing well in the workplace or increasing their employability and value to employers. This opinion has been corroborated by industry specialists and employers in a wide range of business fields.

The YouCaNPro accepts CSEC graduates between the ages of 16-20 years and takes them through a progression of Business Diplomas towards their Bachelor’s degree. During their first year, they must participate in classes, activities and projects to build character, to encourage responsibility and collaboration and to develop critical thinking skills. It is our aim to graduate young professionals who behave and respond to situations with the clarity of thought and a level of maturity that is valued by employers.

The programme is ambitious . We have therefore enlisted the assistance of our MBA graduates and the corporate sector to mentor and guide students. We will engage state and other institutions to help us ensure that students have an understanding of how they can contribute toward nation building while they develop their own careers and secure opportunities to make a good living.

These ‘non-academic’ activities are not optional, and in order to graduate from the YouCaNPro, students must have achieved both the academic qualification and a satisfactory pass in all the skills-training programmes assigned. This will involve both practical and written assessments managed by a panel of industry specialists and mentors.

The SITAL College community is very proud of this new programme. Through partnering with corporate citizens, national institutions, our MBA graduates, volunteers and NGOs, we hope to provide the foundation for the student body to develop life skills outside of an academic syllabus; and to prepare our young graduates to compete effectively in the job market. .


Mentorship is a crucial component of this programme.

Exposure to the mentors will fill the gaps between the formal qualifications and what is required to succeed as an employee or to become a successful entrepreneur; and to be an upstanding and productive citizen with a good quality of life. The mentorship activities will be fulfilled by lecturers, our MBA graduates, business executives and other important people within the society , who will share ideas, guide and motivate our students through interactive workshops, seminars and small group sessions to build on those critical work skills.

We will engage state institutions and regulatory bodies to ensure that students understand how countries are run and how they, as individuals, can contribute to good governance and ensure they meet their social responsibilities.

Students will be given opportunities to visit companies and observe how businesses are run and there will be career information sessions and workshops to prepare them to access jobs and undertake programmes of studies that will set them along their chosen path.

Activities include: 

  • Work Skills Workshops
  • Team Building Events
  • Social Clubs
  • Debate Club
  • Newsletter Club
  • Writing Workshops
Request a
104-106 Eastern Main Road
Tacarigua, Trinidad & Tobago

(868) 226-5084, 226-5085

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