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Managing Stress - Powerful Methods to Cope in your Environment

Overview of Programme

We experience work-related stress due to lack of time. Too much pressure over a sustained period can however lead to a negative stressful situation. The essential tools and techniques provided in this course will greatly assist you to manage both time and stress management in your daily life.

This workshop is designed for all persons who are experiencing stress that may be related to life demands, such as career, study and family matters.

Improve your present quality of life by equipping yourself with the essential tools and techniques to manage your stress.

 In just one day you can find the solution.

What is covered?

·         Develop time management habits to reduce stress

·         Identify the causes and signs of stress

·         Differentiate types of stress and stressors

·         Learn simple steps in handling stress

·         Establish techniques to manage stress at workplace, school or home