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Intro to Six Sigma foundations

Overview of Programme

This programme introduces the basic principles of Quality Management in general, and Six Sigma based tools and methodologies in particular, including Concept of Quality, Quality Control and Assurance, Quality Management Systems. Understand quality systems and Policies, Quality Management and Quality Tools.

Six Sigma is a management approach that uses a company’s data to eliminate defects in every process.

It uses the methodologies of; DMAIC - Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control

Using this approach organisations should gain improvements in Productivity, Efficiency, Reduction in Expenses, thereby resulting in increased profits


Benefit of programme:

-              Methodology - Main focus is to introduce effectiveness within business processes through the DMAIC methodology

-              Business Strategy - Effective strategic planning through environmental scanning mechanisms

-              Customer Service - Help to improve customer loyalty and to reduce the risk of having dissatisfied customers

-              Employee Development - Produce more efficient and product employees through adaptation of effective time management systems

-              Cycle Time - Reduce cycle times with more effective teams

-              Cost savings - Provides a focus on managing the supply chain

What is covered?

·         Team Implementation

o   Six Sigma DMAIC

·         Six Sigma and the Organization

o   Six Sigma and Lean in the Organization

·         Design for Six Sigma in the Organization