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Conflict Management and Mediation


Overview of Programme

Practical tips, tools, and techniques everyone can use to better manage conflict in his or her professional and personal lives. May you be in Human resources, Leadership or Supervisory roles, this workshop will provide you with the right tools to convert any conflict situation into a positive resource.

Conflict is everywhere and is simply an inevitable aspect of human relationships. As desirable as it might seem, there's just no way to live a conflict-free life.

Handled badly, conflict can do real harm, both to you and the people involved. It can cripple your career and the businesses you work for.

Handled well, conflict can be extraordinarily useful. Having the skills needed to identify and resolve conflict, can actually be your ally. It can help you identify and solve problems. It can build deeper and stronger relationships, whether with your coworkers, supervisors and subordinates, or your closest friends.

What is covered?

·       -  The Adversary System

·       -  Negotiation

·        - Listening in Conflict Negotiation

·        - Managing Conflict