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We are registered with the Accreditation Council of Trinidad & Tobago (ACTT).

ACTT is a key instrument in the development of quality tertiary education in Trinidad and Tobago & plays a major role in facilitating quality assurance & accountability mechanisms across the tertiary education sector. ACTT’s key functions include:

• Registration and re-registration of institutions & programmes
• Recognition of foreign qualifications
• Promotion of quality enhancement & quality assurance in tertiary education
• To read more on ACTT visit their website at

We approved to offer transnational courses from the following internationally recognised awarding bodies through ACTT:

          The Association of Business Executives, ABE

          The Association of Business Managers and Administrators, ABMA

          Australian Institute of Business, AIB

          London Chamber of Commerce and Industry through Pearson Plc

We are registered with the Ministry of Education to facilitate GATE funding for the tertiary level programmes.

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